4 Dermal Filler Facts You Need to Know!

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Just because something’s popular doesn’t mean you should try it blind. Dermal fillers have been around for years – but do you know enough about them to schedule an injection? Being beautiful starts with being well-informed, and at Stay Beautiful Medspa, we want you to get all the info you need before you opt for dermal filler treatment.

Dermal fillers have been around since the 1800s. In fact, they are some of the earliest aesthetic treatments ever to exist – think about that! So, they really shouldn’t be a mystery. We’ve compiled a list of four helpful facts that can mean the difference between avoiding fillers and strutting confidently to your next appointment. Read on and get in touch with our team at Stay Beautiful to learn more!

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1. Dermal Filler Injections Barely Pinch

Having some anxiety before a dermal filler appointment is totally normal. We get it – you don’t know what to expect! But, the good thing about dermal fillers is that they hardly feel like anything at all. 

This is thanks to the inclusion of lidocaine within the dermal filler mixture. This common anesthetic alleviates any pain you might experience during your injection session. As an extra precaution, we can also use a topical anesthetic to numb the area before we get started. Together, this will minimize any sensations and make the experience quite tolerable.

2. You Really Can’t Overdo it!

Getting an unnatural result is one of the biggest fears that keep people away from dermal fillers. That’s totally legitimate! No one wants to look overdone after their appointment. The good news is that our master injectors know a thing or two about care and precision.

The key to a good outcome is starting slow. A true dermal filler procedure covers every aspect of the face; the temples, cheeks, under-eye folds, lips, and chin. Starting by enhancing just one of these areas can give you a sense of what you can expect from a full rejuvenation procedure – AND it will prevent that dreaded “overdone” look.

3. A Dermal Filler Injection Means More Collagen

Now, dermal fillers don’t contain collagen; they contain hyaluronic acid, which is another compound that the human body makes. However, in one study evaluating the effects of HA dermal fillers on photodamaged skin, researchers found that injections offered a long-term effect on local collagen production.

This happens because hyaluronic acid acts like a catalyst that promotes localized collagen. During an injection, local tissues perceive the intake of HA as a natural increase created by your body. So, your body is encouraged to create MORE collagen to improve skin elasticity to accommodate the extra HA. This isn’t immediate good news – but it does pay dividends!

4. Dermal Filler Injections Aren’t Just for the Ladies

Traditionally, men have shied away from the aesthetics industry. However, recent trends suggest that men have become more and more interested in having these procedures done as well. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, men mainly seek fillers to enhance their jawlines.

So, don’t get caught up in the stigma. Guys can take full advantage of dermal fillers and look fabulous too. If you’re interested, here’s how you can schedule your dermal filler appointment.

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