5 Ways to Start 2020 Off Right!

This new year, you want more love, more money, more joy, and more laughter, right?...

This new year, you want more love, more money, more joy, and more laughter, right? But do you know what will make your magical moments of 2020 even more amazing? Staying beautiful. 


To help, we are offering promotions on our five most popular treatments, so you can start 2020 off right!


  1. Leave Scars (and Wrinkles!) Behind with Sublative Skin Rejuvenation Discounts


Know what we should leave behind in the new year? Scars and wrinkles! Sublative Skin Rejuvenation is an effective laser treatment that not only reduces the appearance of acne scars and wrinkles but also provides overall rejuvenation of the skin texture and tone. Start 2020 looking fresh and brand new!



     2. Keep It Young! With Juvederm Voluma


Youth may be wasted on the young, but the wise waste no time! Start your new year with a more youthful look, and feel young, amazing and free in 2020! Juvederm Voluma provides gorgeous volume and contour in your cheeks for a younger, smoother appearance. 




     3. Hydrated Happiness – Hydrafacial Promotion


The HydraFacial will gently exfoliate and resurface, revealing skin that’s fresh, young, and new. Your complexion will not only be clear but your skin will be so hydrated, lines and wrinkles will show dramatically less. *The perfect treatment before an important event at which you MUST look amazing.




     4. Simply Sublime with Sublime RF Skin Tightening


As time goes on, our skin needs extra love. Enter Sublime RF, delivering optical and bipolar RF energy to facilitate collagen production which leads to skin tightening. Replace saggy, slack skin with elastic, youthful, gorgeousness this new year. It’s 2020 – you deserve to be sublime.




     5. Get Photo-Gorgeous With IPL Photofacials!


The tone of our skin can make or break photo ops in 2020! When IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is combined with radiofrequency energy, it can effectively improve redness, uneven skin tone, brown pigment, sun damage, large pores, and fine lines. Start 2020 with clear vision and clear skin! 



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