Loss of Skin Tightening Causes and Treatments

Skin tightening treatments can now be done with the use of non-invasive lasers.

What are skin tightening treatments?

Some of the best skin tightening treatments can now be done with the use of non-invasive lasers. At Stay Beautiful Medspa, we use Laser Facial treatments. This is a non-invasive tissue tightening treatment that uses laser energy to gently heat and stimulate collagen beneath the skin’s surface.

There is no discomfort or downtime involved. The Laser Facial is designed specifically for the delicate skin of the face, neck, and chest. The treatment allows us to achieve wonderful results in firming up loose skin in other areas of the body, such as sagging stomachs, arms, and knees.* Plus, it is a great choice for tightening skin after weight loss or body contouring.

What can I expect during treatments?

At your initial consultation, we will review your aesthetic concerns and determine if skin tightening treatments are right for you. During your appointment, your provider will use the applicator heads to go over the predetermined, targeted areas of your body. With each pass, the collagen in your skin will be stimulated.

The procedure is relatively painless, and most patients describe it as feeling comfortable. Following the treatment, you may notice slight redness on your skin but this usually subsides after a few hours.

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* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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