Explore the Benefits of HydraFacial® Perks!

We offer HydraFacial® Lip and Eye Perks to rejuvenate the look of your eyes and lips during your facial.

HydraFacial® treatments have become very popular over the last few years. These treatments follow a clear-cut three-step process described as “cleanse, extract, and hydrate.” The formula is simple, but the results can be truly transformative – not bad for a non-invasive treatment! But did you know that there’s more to HydraFacial® than meets the eye? HydraFacial® Lip and Eye Perks take things a step further, revitalizing the most delicate areas of your face without compromising on the simplicity of the treatment. 

Whether you’ve had aesthetic treatments done or not, HydraFacial® sessions can be a refreshing choice that will make you feel renewed. But how can a facial treatment powerful enough to cleanse the skin on your cheeks also improve the look of your eyes and lips? We’re here to explore just that! Below is some vital information to help you better understand these treatments. Schedule your consultation at Stay Beautiful today to determine if our Lip and Eye Perk treatments are right for you!

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What Is the HydraFacial® Lip Perk?

HydraFacial® Lip Perk treatments contain a special blend of unique ingredients used to transform the look and feel of your lips. Ingredients include peppermint oil, aloe leaf extract, and peony extract. This blend is used during a treatment session and can also be taken home after your visit for at-home touch-ups. An SPF 30 lip balm can also be provided to prevent sun damage and protect your lips. This treatment can have the following effects:

  • Improves lip plumpness.
  • Enhances lip hydration.
  • Improves lip smoothness.

What Is the HydraFacial® Eye Perk?

The Eye Perk attachment tightens, moisturizes, and hydrates the delicate area around your eyes. It includes a special serum with several ingredients: green tea extract, arnica flower extract, oat kernel extract, citric acid, and earth mineral peptides. Like with the Lip Perk, this treatment is offered along with a take-home serum that you can apply nightly to maintain your results. This treatment offers several benefits, including:

  • Improving your outer eye brightness, tone, and firmness.
  • Rejuvenating and hydrating eye skin.
  • Enhancing skin plumpness and renewing its surface.

Yes, These Treatments Can Be Combined!

At Stay Beautiful, we strive to provide comprehensive care treatments whenever possible. This means giving you a complete HydraFacial® experience without having you come back for several treatment sessions. The great thing about our Lip and Eye Perks is that they can be combined with a standard HydraFacial® session to give you an overall healthy skin renewal. Follow-up sessions can always be scheduled to help maintain your results too.

Expected Treatment Results

Adding Perks to your session will not significantly lengthen treatment time. All-in-all, these attachments will add an extra 10 minutes or so to your session. In the end, you will experience a renewal like never before! While the standard HydraFacial® will cleanse your skin and improve its texture, the Perks will renew your lips and eyes, enhancing plumpness and radiance. These treatments can be repeated and pose little to no side effects. Your skin will look fabulous for 1-2 weeks.

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