For the Best Botox® Results in the Greater Boston Area, Do These 6 Things!

Do these six things to get the most out of your Botox® Cosmetic treatments! For more help, schedule an appointment in Woburn, MA.

A common misconception about aesthetic procedures is that they can reverse aging signs without much effort from the provider or the patient. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth, even regarding injectable procedures. While Botox® Cosmetic injections are some of the most straightforward treatments, steps still need to be taken to ensure you get the best results.

At Stay Beautiful Medspa, we deliver each and every treatment with care and precision. Botox® Cosmetic is no exception. Below are six things we can do together to ensure you get the best treatment outcome from your injection session. For more pre and post-treatment care information, schedule an appointment at our Woburn, MA, office today.

Closeup on a botox injection performed between the eyebrows

1. Good Botox® Results Require a Good Injector

One of the biggest factors influencing your Botox® results is your provider! These days it seems everyone is trying to offer injectable treatments.  However, going to an inexperienced provider often results in a botched procedure outcome (the results of which can last for 3 months!).

At Stay Beautiful, Wendy Vaughan, NP-C has been consistently recognized by Allergan Facial Aesthetics as a “Platinum Plus” Provider of Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm® injectables. This status is awarded to only the country’s top 3% of elite injectors. Trust us, expertise matters when it comes to the beauty of your face and body. It’s important not to cut corners and visit a provider who is board certified with exceptional qualifications and training.

2. You Need to Be Honest About Your Medical History

While you may be excited about being wrinkle-free, honesty about your medical history is paramount. This is especially true if you have a history of neurological disease or multiple severe allergies. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

During your consultation, we will take the time to discuss your medical history. This includes discussing allergies, current medications, and past procedures. Having this information allows us to give you the best results possible in a safe and effective manner, so be honest!

3. Pre-treatment Instructions Are Important for Botox® Cosmetic Results

Pre-treatment instructions are not mere suggestions. Following our guidelines will ensure you get the best outcome from your treatment. These instructions often include avoiding certain medications, avoiding alcohol, and cutting down on certain lifestyle habits.

While the temptation to cheat may be there, it’s important that you resist any urges! A week of following guidelines can result in months of beauty!

4. Staying Upright After the Treatment Makes a Difference

Injections and surgery aren’t the same thing. But, a day at the doctor’s office can still leave you feeling weary. The temptation thereafter may be to lie down and relax – but this is the last thing you should do!

Botox® Cosmetic has the potential effect of migrating to unintended areas. This “seepage” can be exacerbated by lying or bending down. Therefore, it’s recommended that you stay seated upright for at least four hours after your procedure, the results are worth it.

5. Botox® Cosmetic and Strenuous Exercise Don’t Mix

Some people live for the gym; others love to run – if you fall into either of these categories, we have a request: take it easy! While it’s true that Botox® Cosmetic injections don’t require downtime, they do require you to refrain from strenuous exercise, at least for 24 hours. 

This, like staying upright, is important to ensure that the medication doesn’t migrate into unwanted areas of the face. Moreover, avoiding exercise will prevent the product from breaking down too quickly, ensuring long-lasting, beautiful results.

6. It’s Important to Be Patient After Botox® Cosmetic

Our final point is this: Botox® Cosmetic does NOT work immediately! While some changes can be apparent after you leave our office, it typically takes two to three weeks to see the best results.

Therefore, patience is a virtue. If you have any questions or concerns while you wait, you can always contact our team here at Stay Beautiful to get some peace of mind.

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