Stay Beautiful Boston Hoodies For Sale!

Boston may have some wacky weather, but that means we get to rock hoodies virtually all year long.

Boston may have some wacky weather, but that means we get to rock hoodies virtually all year long. Not just in the breezy fall, frigid winter, and unpredictable, rainy spring, but also when you’re at Hampton, Salisbury, or Wingaersheek on a summer night near the ocean. But what’s even better than a gorgeous, snuggly hoodie? A gorgeous, snuggly hoodie for a good cause. Introducing Stay Beautiful Boston Hoodies for Sale!

As you can see, our Stay Beautiful Boston Hoodies are a great reminder to ourselves and others, but even better, proceeds from every purchase go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As I had shared on my website, Stay Beautiful invests in a number of charitable partnerships, and suicide prevention is one that’s especially close to my heart. Having previously worked as a First Responder, I had to see things that – to this day – still stay with me. All First Responders have seen similar things, which too often goes unprocessed and leads to depression and, sadly, suicide. A disproportionate amount of First Responders are, in fact, suicidal. And though I didn’t get to know her very well, I had an aunt who committed suicide when I was a teenager. By supporting AFSP,  First Responders and others who may be considering suicide will have a resource they can turn to, which can make a big difference in the world.

Staying beautiful is such a multifaceted endeavor. Of course, our medspa is concerned with the external, but we’re wise enough to know that true beauty comes from within – let it shine through! Join us in reminding Boston (and the world beyond) to stay beautiful every day of the year! Call us to show your support for this important cause and purchase your Stay Beautiful Boston Hoodie today! 

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